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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. _________ is the reason why the fallen knight was injured, as Gawan soon finds out.
(a) Obie.
(b) Parvizal.
(c) Orgeluse.
(d) Obilot.

2. Who secretly arms himself, even though King Arthur tries to stop a duel from happening at all?
(a) Parvizal.
(b) Gramoflanz.
(c) Gawan.
(d) Cundrie.

3. Who suggests that they take refuge in the turret outside of one of the bedrooms?
(a) Parvizal.
(b) Antikione.
(c) The King.
(d) Gawan.

4. What does the brawny one release to hurt Gawan, though Gawan fights it and wins?
(a) Fish.
(b) Falcon.
(c) Spell.
(d) Lion.

5. Gawan and the other knight race toward each other for the _________, according to the story.
(a) Joust.
(b) The war.
(c) Lady.
(d) The army.

Short Answer Questions

1. Queen Arnive weeps when she hears the news of Gawan's battle and tells two ladies to see if he ____________.

2. _________ assures Gawan that her heart will always be with him, even as he leaves.

3. Everyone laments when they realize that ________ has secretly left.

4. Parzival says that he has forfeited much ________ in the endeavor to seek out the Gral, as he is talking to his cousin.

5. Both of the knights are knocked from their ________, according to the description of the match.

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Trevrizent tell Parzival before Parzival leaves once again?

2. What is strange about the duel that Gawan has to be in at the start of this section?

3. What does Parzival say when Sigune asks him how he has fared with the Gral?

4. What does Orgeluse tell Gawan he can not contemplate, which makes him all the more dedicated to her?

5. What does Orgeluse say Gawan can do in order to win her love, according to the story?

6. What does the old knight ask when he enters the room and sees Gawan and the daughter kissing?

7. What does Gawan grant to King Gramoflanz after conceding the victory in the story?

8. What happens after Parzival hears the harsh words of Cundrie?

9. Where is Gawan directed to stay until the duel can begin, according to the story?

10. What does Gawan do which ignores his host's fears, according to the story?

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