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This place is the land where Gahmuret is from and where his father was king.


This place is the African kingdom where Belacane is Queen.


This place is the land where Herzeloyde is Queen and Gahmuret becomes king after winning renown in a tournament.


This place is where Queen Condwiramurs rules and where Parzival engages in his first knightly combat to free Condwiramurs from the armies of King Clamide, her unwanted suitor.


This is the name of Anfortas' castle where Parzival seeks shelter one night but fails to ask the Question which would free Anfortas from suffering, despite seeing the miracle surrounding the Gral.

The Gral

This item is the mysterious object that Parzival sees at Munsalvaesche which provides food and drink for the hundreds of people present. It is presented with great ceremony and carried by Repanse de Schoye.

Schastel Marveille


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