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Foreword and Chapter 1

• Wolfram is an unfree knight, bound to the service of a lord.

• When Gahmuret's father dies, he takes his leave and never sees his mother, brother, or brother's lands again.

• Gahmuret makes his way to Zazamanc.

• Gahmuret saves the Queen and her land from enemies, and they marry.

• Gahmuret leaves the Queen to go to war and says she can win him if she is baptized.

Chapter 2 and Wolfram's Apology

• Gahmuret sets out for Toledo to find his cousin.

• The Queen of Waleis offers two lands and her person to whoever distinguishes themselves at the tournament.

• As Ampflise's knight, Gahmuret works hard under he learns his brother has died.

• Gahmuret turns down Queen Herzeloyde because he has a wife, and he owes his love to Queen Ampflise. But eventually, they do marry.

• Wolfram will champion any women of modest character.

Chapter 3

• Queen Herzeloyde estranges herself...

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