Parting the Waters: America in the King Years 1954 - 1963 Test | Mid-Book Test - Easy

Taylor Branch
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was Levison's job?
(a) Factory manager
(b) Doctor
(c) Lawyer
(d) Coal miner

2. What driving offense do the police arrest King for?
(a) Worn out windshield wipers
(b) Traffic violation
(c) Worn out tires
(d) Speeding

3. What did the Dexter Avenue Church find it difficult to find?
(a) Funding
(b) A congregation
(c) Suitable preachers
(d) A church

4. What is the name of Williams' daughter?
(a) Denise
(b) Alberta
(c) Anne
(d) Coretta

5. Who is the Democratic candidate in the 1960 presidential election?
(a) Robert Kennedy
(b) John Kennedy
(c) Jackie Robinson
(d) James Elroy

6. What did Johns begin to sell on the streets?
(a) Clothes
(b) Fruits and vegetables
(c) Lemonade
(d) Bibles

7. What kind of school is Atlanta Female Baptist Seminary?
(a) A Catholic school for girls
(b) A Negro school for girls
(c) A White school for girls
(d) A Nunnery

8. What do organizers call the march on Washington?
(a) Revolution Road
(b) Prayer Pilgrimage
(c) March of the Kings
(d) Freedom March

9. Where is Hartsfield the mayor?
(a) Atlanta
(b) New York
(c) Miami
(d) Nashville

10. Where is Juanita Sellers from?
(a) New Orleans
(b) Atlanta
(c) New York
(d) Chicago

11. Who is the candidate for the Republicans in the 1960 presidential election?
(a) Gerald Ford
(b) Lyndon Johnson
(c) Robert Kennedy
(d) Richard Nixon

12. What does Jo Ann Robinson teach at Alabama?
(a) Biology
(b) History
(c) French
(d) English

13. What does the Atlanta Female Baptist Seminary change their name to?
(a) The School of Fun
(b) Spelman School
(c) King School
(d) Rockefeller School

14. Who has dinner with the Freedom Riders when they arrive in Atlanta?
(a) Mike King
(b) Malcolm X
(c) Robert Kennedy
(d) Martin Luther King

15. What church does Reverend A.D. Williams take over?
(a) Frederick Douglas
(b) Abraham
(c) Ebenezer
(d) Dexter

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Truman desegregate in the Forties?

2. Where do King and his supporters march to in Los Angeles?

3. How did taxi drivers try to help out the Negroes boycotting the buses?

4. What does King offer to Wyatt Tee Walker?

5. What did the manager turn on with Lewis and Bevel locked inside the restaurant?

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