Objects & Places from Parrot in the Oven: Mi Vida

Victor Martinez
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Outfielders' Glove

This object represents the promise of good things yet to come, as it is something the protagonist must save for and work hard for. This object is the item Manny is saving for when he goes to work in the fields at the start of the novel. He imagines that once he has it, he will automatically make it onto the baseball team and he will gain the adoration of a whole range of people he does not yet know.


These objects, which fill Miss Van der Meer's classroom, are symbols of the privilege, comfort, and superior resources that are often granted to white students, while students of color go without. Miss Van der Meer's class consists of white kids who are bussed in from other areas.


This object represents violence and all of the trauma and hurt that comes with violent acts, particularly...

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