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Adam Gopnik
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the name of the poet who wrote about the wrapping of a sugar cube?
(a) T.S. Eliot.
(b) Guillaume Apollinaire.
(c) Victor Hugo.
(d) Stephane Mallarme.

2. What is the name of the young publisher who gives a speech at the Balzar that gets media coverage?
(a) Maurice Revelli.
(b) Lorenzo Valentin.
(c) Jacques D'Artere.
(d) Andre Bertillini.

3. What does Bucher offer the waiters who leave the Balzar.
(a) He offers them a position in one of his other restaurants.
(b) A fat envelope.
(c) He offers them a reccommendation.
(d) He offers them nothing.

4. How old is the Rookie when he is discovered in 1908?
(a) 12
(b) 3.
(c) 6.
(d) 18.

5. Who calls and tells Gopnik that things are not going well with the Balzar in A Handful of Cherries?
(a) Claude.
(b) Rene.
(c) Jean-Paul.
(d) Lorenzo.

Short Answer Questions

1. What drug does Gopnik compare Barney to?

2. What is the name of the restaurant where the waiters invite Gopnik to dinner after they have left the Balzar?

3. Where is the Rookie from?

4. Why is Martha happy her little girl will be born in Paris rather than New York?

5. Which is not one of the girls from Luke's two-year old gym class mentioned in Barney?

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