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Adam Gopnik
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What movie star did Gopnik and his cousin fall in love with, when they were boys?
(a) Jacqueline Bisset.
(b) Audrey Hepburn.
(c) Charlotte Redoux.
(d) Catherine Deneuve.

2. What do the students want to achieve from their strike?
(a) They want smaller classes and more government subsidies.
(b) They want better health benefits.
(c) They want more government housing options for students and newer buildings on college campuses.
(d) They want more guaranteed jobs after graduation.

3. What does Gopnik call the notion that Americans wanted to consume in a world where workers were hidden or dressed up as nonhumans, so as not to be disconcerting?
(a) Paris in July.
(b) McDonalds.
(c) Disney World.
(d) Wonderland.

4. Where was the Givenchy show held in Couture Shock?
(a) In a stadium.
(b) At the George V.
(c) In the Luxembourg Gardens.
(d) In the Louvre.

5. What was the unemployment rate in France in The Chill?
(a) 12 percent.
(b) 10 percent.
(c) 8 percent.
(d) 15 percent.

6. What was Papon accused of during his trial?
(a) Embezzlement of goods taken from Jewish holocaust victims.
(b) First degree murder.
(c) Complicity in crimes against humanity.
(d) Theft.

7. In what way was Gopnik worried that the strike would affect his life in the chapter The Strike?
(a) He was worried his apartment would be vandalized.
(b) He was worried that his telephone service would be interrupted.
(c) He was worried he wouldn't be able to use the metro for his daily commute.
(d) He was worried he would not receive a turkey he had ordered.

8. What is the stadium eventually named in The Rules of the Sport?
(a) L'espirit de Sport.
(b) The French Stadium.
(c) Le Stade Platini.
(d) Place Zinedine.

9. Who appointed Juppe to his position as Prime Minister?
(a) He was voted in by the populace.
(b) Jacques Chirac.
(c) Edouard Balladur.
(d) Christine Ockrent.

10. How does Paris look at the time of the strike in the chapter, The Strike?
(a) It is very dirty due to the sanitation workers striking.
(b) It seems cheerful and sunny and spring is coming.
(c) The city seems gray and drab in the wake of all the negative strike propaganda.
(d) It is decorated for Christmas.

11. What did Adam listen to when he road the bicycle in The Rules of the Sport?
(a) He watches CNN on the television.
(b) He listens to the conversation of those working out around him.
(c) He listens to a book on tape.
(d) Stones on his walkman.

12. Which is not one of the estimates of the number of domaine prive apartments listed in the chapter Private Domain?
(a) More than 4000.
(b) 3000.
(c) 1300.
(d) 1500.

13. What is the name of the author of Les Enfants de Saturne, who Gopnik contacts in A Tale of Two Cafes?
(a) Paul Boubal.
(b) Charles Maurras.
(c) Jean-Paul Enthove.
(d) Roger Cazes.

14. What sentence was Papon given by the jury?
(a) He was fined 500,000 dollars.
(b) Death.
(c) He was given a pardon for his work for the state.
(d) Ten years in prison.

15. How does Gopnik's turkey in The Strike compare with his previous experiences with turkeys?
(a) It is much more salty than he remembers turkey being.
(b) It tastes much poorer than other turkeys he has had.
(c) It has a very tough texture, but still tastes good.
(d) It is the best tasting turkey he has ever had.

Short Answer Questions

1. What gym did Adam and Martha first try out on in Paris?

2. Who wrote the treatise L'Horreur Economique?

3. After the tourist, a successful writer, formed a complaint against the tower employee in Trouble at the Tower, what action was taken?

4. Which is not one of the animals mentioned in the taxidermy shop in Winter Circus?

5. What food does Gopnik miss more than any other American food in Distant Errors?

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