Daily Lessons for Teaching Paris to the Moon

Adam Gopnik
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Objective: (Paris to the Moon) This book is written as an autobiographical work by Adam Gopnik, based on articles he wrote about for the New Yorker about his stay in Paris with his family from 1995-2000. The object of this lesson is to introduce and discuss the author of "Paris to the Moon".

1. In class research: After a brief introduction of the author, students should utilize the library to search out more biographical information about Adam Gopnik. They should look for specific information as it relates to "Paris to the Moon", for example: what inspired him to write the book, what is the book based on, what is his education background and professional expertise as a writer, etc.

2. Writing Assignment: Students should write a brief journal entry detailing their findings, noting interesting facts and any information about Gopnik that would be pertinent to his rendering of "Paris...

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