Objects & Places from Paris Spleen, 1869

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Parisappears in Paris Spleen

The majority of the poems within this collection are in this setting, especially the poorer areas of the city.

Natureappears in The Artist's Confiteor

This frustrates a man who cannot capture it wholly.

Roomappears in The Double Room

The narrator dreams up this beautiful place.

Statue of Venusappears in The Fool and Venus

A jester stares at this in a park.

Public Parksappears in The Widows

These are described as the shady retreats that are the gathering places of those crippled by life.

Her Hairappears in A Hemisphere in her Hair

In this the poet can picture hours on a divan, men at port, and buildings against an expansive sky.

Cockaigneappears in Invitation to the Voyage

This is a made-up place where all is tranquil and peaceful, and where the narrator would like to visit with his friend.

Giftsappears in The Fairies' Gifts


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