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Kiersten White
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Short Answer Questions

1. What did Lend's mother ask Evie to return?

2. What has Vivian done with the souls?

3. Who had brought the fire girl back?

4. What did Lend's mother say about Evie?

5. What did the flame girl say about Evie?

Short Essay Questions

1. What was Lend's reaction to Evie's confession?

2. What does Evie know that Lend is wrong about?

3. What was the purpose of Lend adopting the appearance of someone less attractive than normal?

4. How does Evie get her hopes up and how were they dashed again?

5. What tricks did David teach Evie about faeries?

6. What had Evie done that had caused Reth to look truly beautiful?

7. What had Arianna done that had given everyone such a scare?

8. Why did Evie stay back from Lend's school?

9. What did Vivian tell Evie about her nature?

10. How did Cresseda know about Lish and what did she ask that Evie wasn't sure she could do?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss the change in Evie from before and after she was designated as a paranormal. What changed in her attitudes towards paranormals during that period? How did she begin to identify with them?

Essay Topic 2

Evie and Lend become very close during his confinement in the Center. Research and discuss whether or not Stockholm Syndrome might have anything to do with their relationship. If so, what remains to be seen in future novels between Lend and Evie? If not, then suggest a reason why Stockholm Syndrome wouldn't apply here.

Essay Topic 3

Compare and discuss Lend and Reth as the major love interests of the main character. Which of these two characters is more believable as an individual? Why is that? What characteristics lead to this perspective?

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