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Kiersten White
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What hurt Evie?
(a) Neither of these.
(b) When Raquel left her standing amongst the other paranormals.
(c) When Raquel brushed her hands away.
(d) Both of these.

2. What did Reth really want from Evie?
(a) To tell him to change his name.
(b) Neither of these.
(c) To join him for eternity.
(d) Both of these.

3. What was hit by the being killing paranormals?
(a) The Headquarters in Budapest.
(b) The Birmingham Tracking and Placement Center.
(c) The American Association for the Protection and Preservation of Paranormals.
(d) The London Tracking and Placement Center.

4. What other thing do faeries really not like other than iron?
(a) Sand.
(b) Flour.
(c) Bread.
(d) Water.

5. How did Lend gain the attention of the IPCA?
(a) He put on a zombie body and shambled around a graveyard.
(b) Both of these.
(c) He put on a vampire body and haunted a church.
(d) Neither of these.

6. What did Vivian think she was doing for Lish?
(a) Letting Lish go.
(b) Letting her immortal soul rest.
(c) All of these.
(d) Giving her peace.

7. What did the fire lady like?
(a) Evie's skin.
(b) Evie's boots.
(c) Evie's hair.
(d) None of these.

8. Why does Lend say that they probably shouldn't tell his dad?
(a) It might make them send her back to the IPCA.
(b) It might make them nervous.
(c) It might make them shun her.
(d) All of these.

9. Why couldn't Lend visit his mother?
(a) It was too early.
(b) It was too cold.
(c) It was too late.
(d) Evie was too tired.

10. Who was the first that was killed?
(a) Lish.
(b) Raquel.
(c) Lend.
(d) Evie.

11. From whom did Vivian's message originate?
(a) David.
(b) Lend.
(c) Raquel.
(d) Vivian.

12. What horrible thought does Evie have?
(a) That she is about to kill Lend.
(b) All of these.
(c) That she is no different from Vivian.
(d) That she is sucking life from Lend.

13. What did Evie hope?
(a) That Raquel was okay.
(b) That the fire girl never got out of the Center.
(c) Neither of these.
(d) Both of these.

14. How did David hurt Reth?
(a) Iron will.
(b) David was part faerie.
(c) Iron pipe.
(d) Iron knuckles.

15. What nickname did Vivian want?
(a) Both of these.
(b) Neither of these.
(c) Vivi.
(d) Viv.

Short Answer Questions

1. What was the restaurant full of?

2. What was Raquel going to do at the end of all of the stress?

3. Who was waiting for Evie downstairs?

4. What couldn't Lend see?

5. What was the fire girl wearing?

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