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Kiersten White
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through 'Girl Talk' to 'Runs in the Family'.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is interesting about Lend's face?
(a) None of these.
(b) It was neither eternal nor old.
(c) It was ever changing.
(d) It was refined without prejudice.

2. What does Evie ask Lish to do?
(a) Guard her while she sleeps.
(b) Both of these.
(c) Send a report for her.
(d) Neither of these.

3. What was a different type of faerie?
(a) All of these.
(b) Psychotic.
(c) Powerful.
(d) Beautiful.

4. What did Evie toss at Lend?
(a) A sketchbook.
(b) Shorts.
(c) A pencil.
(d) A crayon.

5. What does Raquel suggest that makes Evie so mad?
(a) That she cannot be trusted.
(b) That she isn't mature enough to be trusted.
(c) That she is obsessed with Reth.
(d) That she is obsessed with Lend.

Short Answer Questions

1. What was the werewolf's name?

2. Who greeted Lend?

3. What information did Evie trust with Lend that she wouldn't trust with Raquel?

4. How many vampires were hiding?

5. What had Evie stolen from one of her training sessions with Bud?

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