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Kiersten White
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through 'Hey, Stupid' to 'Liar, Liar, Wrist on Fire'.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do faeries hate worst?
(a) Brass.
(b) Iron.
(c) Silver.
(d) Gold.

2. What does neutering mean?
(a) To remove a paranormal's powers.
(b) Neither of these.
(c) Both of these.
(d) To render a paranormal harmless.

3. Why would Charlotte have made a great mom?
(a) She was sweet and attentive.
(b) She was sweet and patient.
(c) She was intelligent and attentive.
(d) She was intelligent and patient.

4. What strange thing happened?
(a) Someone had pressed an emergency button on a communicator in Prague.
(b) None of these.
(c) Five ankle trackers were activated in Paris.
(d) A signal was coming in from Budapest.

5. What did Vivian ask Evie to check?
(a) Her email.
(b) Her computer.
(c) Her communicator.
(d) Her phone.

Short Answer Questions

1. What was the werewolf's name?

2. Who wanted to see Evie right away?

3. What did Lend's mother ask Evie to return?

4. What does Lend ask Evie if she wants to do?

5. What did Raquel want to know about Lend?

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