Objects & Places from Paranormalcy

Kiersten White
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Object Descriptions

IPCA - This was formed with the dissolution of an American association by a similar name.

Glamour - This hides a paranormal's true form.

Tasey - This is an all around paranormal weapon.

Iron - This is made into knuckles.

Ankle Tracker - This controls paranormal's actions.

Central Processing - Here is where a large tank is kept with a rather unusual occupant.

Faerie Roads - Impossible to navigate, these open up anywhere.

Faerie Realms - The home of the fey.

The Prophecy - A poem with two separate endings for two separate creations.

Liquid Flames (Souls) - These could have allowed Evie to remain immortal.

Faeries - Beings of pure beauty, and often mischievous.

Werewolves - These are commonly used as security.

Vampires - These are often suave and debonaire.

Hags - The only paranormal not helped by Lend and his father.

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