Paranormalcy Character Descriptions

Kiersten White
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Evelyn (Evie) - This character is the protagonist.

Lend - This character has a voice like a bubble bath.

Reth (Lorethan) - A Seelie fey.

Raquel - This person is the only mother the protagonist has known.

Lish - This character is constantly practicing metaphors.

Vivian - Created by the Unseelie's.

David - This character is in love with an immortal.

Arianna - This character is a vampire fan of Easton Heights.

Cresseda - This character lacks a sense of urgency when giving advice.

Charlotte - This character always has sad eyes, up until the last appearance in the book.

Jacques - This character is an IPCA body guard.

Fehl (Denfehlath) - An Unseelie fey.

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