Paranormalcy Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Kiersten White
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'Oh Bite Me' to 'Not-Me and I'

• Evie is a young teenager whose job is to contain paranormal threats and is in Europe tracking a vampire.

• When the vampire attempts to scare her she isn't impressed and instead shocks him and fits him with a foot collar that will inject him with holy water if he doesn't comply to the International Paranormal Containment Agency's demands (hereafter IPCA).

• Evie utilizes her communicator to report her success and they open the Faerie Paths utilizing a faerie named Reth.

• Evie is annoyed as Reth and her have history, but she goes with him back to the IPCA where Evie hurries to catch the latest episode of her favorite TV show.
• A mermaid, Alisha, also Evie's best friend, contacts her to find out how she is and reminds Evie to report to Raquel.

• Evie goes to Raquel's office and fills her boss...

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