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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 8.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does the son of God need to be turned into a man?
(a) So he can have a normal life
(b) So people can relate to him
(c) So he can have the same feelings
(d) So he can be conquered by death

2. Which two angels are sent to lead God's army?
(a) Michael and Gabriel
(b) Michael and Raphael
(c) Raphael and Gabriel
(d) Uriel and Raphael

3. What are Adam and Eve wearing?
(a) Fig leaves
(b) Suits
(c) Jeans and a t-shirt
(d) Nothing

4. Where does Satan set up a new kingdom?
(a) In the south
(b) In the north
(c) In the west
(d) In the east

5. What does Uriel recognize Satan as?
(a) An evil spirit
(b) A unhappy person
(c) A Cherub
(d) An old friend

Short Answer Questions

1. Into what tree does Satan fly?

2. The tree of life is next to ___________.

3. What does Adam say he has been comparing at the beginning of Book 8?

4. What does Michael cause Satan to experience for the first time?

5. How many banners do the fallen angels raise?

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