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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 8.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who volunteers to create havoc to God's new creation?
(a) Moloch
(b) Beelzebub
(c) Mammon
(d) Satan

2. Where do Adam and Eve meet Raphael?
(a) At their bower
(b) Next to the tree of knowledge
(c) Next to the tree of peace
(d) Outside the gates of Eden

3. What reason does Satan give for wanting to find the new world?
(a) He wants to praise it.
(b) He wants to admire it.
(c) He wants to take some samples.
(d) He wants to destroy it.

4. What does the angel tell Adam a woman should never be allowed to do?
(a) Work
(b) Rule him
(c) Speak to him
(d) Leave the house

5. What does the Son of God use to draw the circumference of Heaven and Earth?
(a) A silver compass
(b) A golden pencil
(c) A golden compass
(d) A silver pen

Short Answer Questions

1. Who leads the building of Satan's palace?

2. What do the spirits find in Hell when they explore?

3. God sends Raphael to remind him of _____________.

4. What can the spirits not find in hell?

5. Which two characters fight in this chapter?

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