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Short Answer Questions

1. How many children has Lone DuPres delivered since the last of the Fleetwood children?

2. Who is Billie Delia's mother?

3. What two families display open animosity?

4. What is Lone DuPres's occupation?

5. Why is Billie skeptical about the chances of a happy marriage between Arnette and K.D.?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why do the Fleetwoods blame Lone for problems with their grandchildren, and what evidence is there that the situation was not Lone's fault?

2. What started the townspeople's idea that Billie was a wild child?

3. What sort of dilemma does Billie face in her romantic life?

4. Though she was welcomed back home by her father, why did Pallas return to the Convent?

5. Why does Lone believe that the men of Ruby want to get rid of the women at the Convent?

6. Why do many parents of the town instruct their children to stay away from Billie Delia, and is this reputation deserved?

7. How has Patricia's genealogy project turned into a way for her to express her negative view of the people of Ruby?

8. Why do some people believe that Senior Pullman's negative remarks are directed at Richard Misner?

9. What were the circumstances surrounding Ruby Best's death?

10. What is Richard Misner angry about?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Examine the structure of the novel "Paradise". Is the plot progression chronological and linear, or does the presentation of the story move forward and backward in time? How does the structure of the novel affect the overall story?

Essay Topic 2

Though the Morgan's are the wealthiest and most powerful people in Ruby, that is not to say that they have not faced their own hardships. Indeed, the Morgans have endured heartbreaking loses. Outline some of these loses and offer theories on why the loses did or did not affect the Morgan's views on race relations.

Essay Topic 3

How do the people of Ruby recreate the same prejudices and forms of discrimination that the founders were trying to escape?

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