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Short Answer Questions

1. What is the purpose of the meeting that K.D. knows will be held later in the day?

2. What type of animal does Deek hunt?

3. Who does Gigi see at the Convent that is terribly upset?

4. What were the names of Soane and Deek's sons?

5. Who was the only person to die in the town that became Ruby, Oklahoma during a period of two decades?

Short Essay Questions

1. How has the community oven lost its significance?

2. When there is a problem in Ruby who handles it?

3. Why was the town of Haven not as affected by the Great Depression as most of the rest of the country?

4. Why do the men from Ruby go to the Convent?

5. Why did Deek tell Roger to make sure all part's of Deek's son's funeral were black?

6. What event cuts short Mavis's reunion upon arriving back at the Convent after a month's absence?

7. How did Mavis' twins die, according to the story Mavis tells the reporter?

8. Why is the town of Ruby not a place that attracts travelers?

9. Why does Deek drive to the bank even though it is a short distance?

10. What means do the Morgan twins use to help their nephew out of trouble when he impregnates Arnette?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

On multiple occasions the civil authority in the area of Ruby is referred to as the "white law." The "white law" is something no citizen of Ruby wants to come in contact with. Explain what citizens of Ruby mean by "white law" and offer explanations based on information from the text and your own knowledge of history about why citizens of Ruby would fear the "white law."

Essay Topic 2

The novel does not have a simply linear plot progression. Describe the novel's plot progression and what effect this has on the reader.

Essay Topic 3

How would you describe the overall tone of "Paradise"? Does the tone change from chapter to chapter? In the end, how much the narrator's tone affect your reception of the novel?

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