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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Mavis do upon first seeing Gigi?

2. What color is the Cadillac after Mavis has it repainted?

3. The men who visit the Convent believe that there are none of what type of women in the town of Ruby?

4. Who are the wealthiest men in Ruby, Oklahoma?

5. Where did Mavis's twins die?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Mavis become frightened during the interview, and why does she decide to flee?

2. What event cuts short Mavis's reunion upon arriving back at the Convent after a month's absence?

3. What causes the men to think that the women at the Convent are perhaps not as hard working as the women in Ruby?

4. Why is the town of Ruby not a place that attracts travelers?

5. What is immediately noticeable about Gigi?

6. How does Mavis retrieve her car and get it to the Convent?

7. How does Mavis get confused and diverted from her intention to go straight to California?

8. Why did the founders of Ruby decide to name the town Ruby instead of New Haven?

9. In addition to growing vegetables, what is one of Connie's main tasks at the Convent?

10. When Gigi accepts a ride from Roger Best, what are her plans at that time?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Though the Morgan's are the wealthiest and most powerful people in Ruby, that is not to say that they have not faced their own hardships. Indeed, the Morgans have endured heartbreaking loses. Outline some of these loses and offer theories on why the loses did or did not affect the Morgan's views on race relations.

Essay Topic 2

How would you describe the overall tone of "Paradise"? Does the tone change from chapter to chapter? In the end, how much the narrator's tone affect your reception of the novel?

Essay Topic 3

Offer a detailed theory about the meaning of the title of the novel. On the surface, neither Ruby nor the Convent seems like a paradise. What might Morrison have intended by choosing this title?

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