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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why did the families who settled Ruby leave Haven?
(a) The railroad gave them cash and new land.
(b) Angry white mobs burned their homes.
(c) They fled an outbreak of yellow fever.
(d) The price of cotton fell to unprofitable levels.

2. Why does Mavis begin walking instead of driving the Cadillac?
(a) The weather is wonderful.
(b) The road is too narrow for a big car.
(c) The car runs out of gasoline.
(d) She fears the car attracts too much attention.

3. What was the former profession of the old woman Connie tends?
(a) Train conductor.
(b) Composer.
(c) Probation officer.
(d) Nun.

4. Why does Connie have to tend to the old woman?
(a) The old woman is bedridden.
(b) Connie is the old woman's slave.
(c) The old woman is a fugitive from the law.
(d) Connie owes the old woman money.

5. Where does Arnette want to go in the coming year?
(a) St. Louis.
(b) College.
(c) Baja California.
(d) The Convent.

6. Why is the friendship between Connie and Soane surprising?
(a) Connie had an affair with Soane's husband.
(b) Connie and Soane competed for the same job at the textile factory.
(c) Connie is an extreme racist, and Soane is black.
(d) Soane often steals money from Connie.

7. How many churches are located within the distance of one mile in Ruby?
(a) Three.
(b) Four.
(c) Two
(d) None.

8. Who takes Mavis to get gasoline for her car?
(a) Soane.
(b) Frank.
(c) Connie.
(d) Toni.

9. Who is in charge of operations at the Convent?
(a) Connie.
(b) Abbot Kelly.
(c) K.D. Morgan.
(d) Bishop Smith.

10. What caused Menus to lose his house to foreclosure?
(a) A poor cotton harvest.
(b) Gambling debts.
(c) Excessive drinking.
(d) His moonshine still exploded.

11. Who is Soane's husband?
(a) Deek Morgan.
(b) K.D. Morgan.
(c) Frank Albright.
(d) Steward Morgan.

12. In the story Elder told Steward, what were the white men doing?
(a) Building a grain silo.
(b) Beating a prostitute.
(c) Filling sand bags in expectation of a flood.
(d) Gambling with dice.

13. Who stops to ask if Sweetie Fleetwood needs a ride?
(a) A man driving a truck.
(b) Roger Best.
(c) Mavis Albright.
(d) Toni Morrison.

14. Why does Gigi remain at the Convent rather than continue on with Roger?
(a) Roger refuses to let her ride in his vehicle anymore.
(b) She stays to comfort a person that is terribly upset.
(c) She doesn't trust the safety of Roger's vehicle.
(d) Roger is a terrible driver.

15. What is Gigi's real name?
(a) Gertrude Guest.
(b) Grace.
(c) She never reveals her true name.
(d) Ginger Gentry.

Short Answer Questions

1. While the issue of Arnette's pregnancy is being worked out, what woman is K.D. most fascinated with?

2. How many hotels are located in Ruby?

3. All of the residents of Ruby, Oklahoma are of what race?

4. At the Convent, what does Roger load into his vehicle?

5. What did someone paint on the oven?

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