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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What type of law enforcement organization does the town of Ruby have?
(a) An active and oppressive police force.
(b) One decrepit town marshal.
(c) Military police.
(d) None.

2. What does Seneca put on Sweetie's shoulders?
(a) A serape.
(b) A parrot.
(c) A leather handbag.
(d) Gold epaulettes.

3. Where did Mavis's twins die?
(a) On the ship journey to America.
(b) In Los Angeles, California.
(c) In the car.
(d) In the hospital.

4. What is beyond the cellar door that one of the twins and his nephew smash?
(a) A tunnel to the Indian Reservation.
(b) An iron foundry.
(c) The Devil's bedroom.
(d) Spare parts for the electric generator.

5. Who was Grace named after?
(a) Grace Kelly.
(b) Princess Grace.
(c) Her mother.
(d) Her aunt.

6. At the Convent, what does Roger load into his vehicle?
(a) A body.
(b) Sacks of grain.
(c) Seventeen bags of rice.
(d) Vegetables from Connie's garden.

7. What does the woman who hires Seneca claim she needs?
(a) A typist.
(b) A cook.
(c) A model for her painting.
(d) A live-in nurse.

8. What type of animal does Deek hunt?
(a) Quail.
(b) Deer.
(c) Elk.
(d) Rabbit.

9. Why is Connie so upset when Gigi first meets her?
(a) Connie thinks Gigi is a voodoo priestess.
(b) A tornado has ruined Connie's garden.
(c) The old woman that Connie has tended has died.
(d) Someone stole Connie's tea making machines.

10. In the story Elder told Steward, what were the white men doing?
(a) Gambling with dice.
(b) Building a grain silo.
(c) Beating a prostitute.
(d) Filling sand bags in expectation of a flood.

11. What does Sweetie believe she hears during the night?
(a) A band practicing.
(b) A spotted owl.
(c) Gunfire.
(d) Crying children.

12. What does Mavis come to believe about her husband's and children's intentions toward her?
(a) She believes they plan to collaborate on a book about her life.
(b) She believes they plan to kill her.
(c) She believes they are planning a surprise party.
(d) She believes they intend to save money to help her retire soon.

13. How many hotels are located in Ruby?
(a) Two.
(b) Two plus the diner and boardinghouse.
(c) None.
(d) Three.

14. Who sits beside Mavis while the interview is taking place?
(a) A police officer.
(b) Mavis' three surviving children.
(c) Her attorney.
(d) The undertaker.

15. Why did the families who settled Ruby leave Haven?
(a) Angry white mobs burned their homes.
(b) They fled an outbreak of yellow fever.
(c) The price of cotton fell to unprofitable levels.
(d) The railroad gave them cash and new land.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does K.D. blame for Arnette's pregnancy?

2. What two items does Mavis take on her way out of the house late at night?

3. Where does Mavis's mother live?

4. What was the former profession of the old woman Connie tends?

5. Instead of being supportive of Mavis's decision, what does Mavis's mother say?

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