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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Save-Marie.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How did Soane and Deek's sons die?
(a) They were killed in the war.
(b) They died in an automobile crash.
(c) They drowned.
(d) They were lynched.

2. To what institution did the foundation donate the Convent?
(a) The Catholic Church.
(b) The State of Oklahoma.
(c) The United States Department of the Interior.
(d) The Bureau of Land Management.

3. Why does Lone believe that the women of the Convent could not possibly be responsible for the handicaps of the Fleetwood children?
(a) Lone believes that the women of the Convent are perfect and can do no wrong.
(b) The cancerous growths of the children are from uranium, and the women of the convent do not have access to uranium.
(c) Lone knows that she alone is responsible.
(d) The first of the children were born before the women arrived at the Convent.

4. Who stops to ask if Sweetie Fleetwood needs a ride?
(a) Mavis Albright.
(b) A man driving a truck.
(c) Roger Best.
(d) Toni Morrison.

5. What does Sweetie believe she hears during the night?
(a) A band practicing.
(b) A spotted owl.
(c) Crying children.
(d) Gunfire.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is one popular theory of why no bodies were ever found at the Convent?

2. Who does K.D. blame for Arnette's pregnancy?

3. What time of year does the girl who arrives at the Convent at the end of the chapter say it is?

4. What was the occupation of the woman who took care of Lone after Lone's mother died?

5. How many churches are located within the distance of one mile in Ruby?

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