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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Seneca.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the purpose of the meeting that K.D. knows will be held later in the day?
(a) K.D.'s uncles will try to find a solution to K.D. having impregnated Arnette.
(b) K.D. plans to ask his family for permission to enlist in the Army.
(c) K.D. plans to meet with the Sheriff.
(d) K.D. will meet with the cattle rustlers to plan a nighttime raid.

2. What two items does Mavis take on her way out of the house late at night?
(a) Her bankcard and a gun.
(b) Sal's rain boots and Frank's car keys.
(c) Her umbrella and a book.
(d) The family photo album and a rope.

3. In the story Elder told Steward, what were the white men doing?
(a) Filling sand bags in expectation of a flood.
(b) Building a grain silo.
(c) Beating a prostitute.
(d) Gambling with dice.

4. Who takes Mavis to get gasoline for her car?
(a) Soane.
(b) Connie.
(c) Frank.
(d) Toni.

5. Where does Arnette want to go in the coming year?
(a) College.
(b) Baja California.
(c) St. Louis.
(d) The Convent.

Short Answer Questions

1. What unwashed, unprepared objects in the pantry at the Convent lead the men to believe that the women at the Convent are lazier than the women in Ruby?

2. Why does Mavis begin walking instead of driving the Cadillac?

3. Where did the men hold the discussion that determined that they would attack the Convent?

4. What is beyond the cellar door that one of the twins and his nephew smash?

5. What type of law enforcement organization does the town of Ruby have?

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