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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Lone.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What sort of family did Pallas come from?
(a) Immigrant.
(b) Mafia.
(c) Wealthy.
(d) Poor.

2. What two items does Mavis take on her way out of the house late at night?
(a) Her umbrella and a book.
(b) Sal's rain boots and Frank's car keys.
(c) Her bankcard and a gun.
(d) The family photo album and a rope.

3. Who gives Gigi a ride away from Ruby?
(a) Frank.
(b) Mavis.
(c) Toni Morrison.
(d) Roger Best.

4. What are K.D. and Arnette expecting?
(a) To win the lottery.
(b) A baby.
(c) A new job for K.D.
(d) A home loan.

5. What does Gigi discover about the vehicle she rides in?
(a) It has no seatbelts.
(b) It is stolen.
(c) The passenger door will not shut properly.
(d) It is a hearse.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is Steward Morgan's twin brother?

2. Where does Richard Misner preach?

3. The men who visit the Convent believe that there are none of what type of women in the town of Ruby?

4. What does the box Gigi finds under the bathtub contain?

5. Where did the men hold the discussion that determined that they would attack the Convent?

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