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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Grace.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where had most of the residents of Ruby resided prior to starting the town of Ruby?
(a) Silver City.
(b) Haven.
(c) Fayetteville.
(d) Jacksonville.

2. The story opens with the following words:
(a) "They shot the white girl first."
(b) "The women of the Convent would be forever damned."
(c) "No one had any idea how terribly wrong the confrontation could go."
(d) "They shot the black girl first."

3. Who are the wealthiest men in Ruby, Oklahoma?
(a) The Roosevelt Club owners.
(b) The Morgan twins.
(c) The bankers.
(d) The railroad barons.

4. What story does Mavis tell the reporter?
(a) The history of the Convent.
(b) How she came to own a classic Cadillac.
(c) The story of the death of her twin children.
(d) Her part in the civil rights struggle in Oklahoma.

5. What was Mavis purchasing when the twins died?
(a) Books for college.
(b) A new dress.
(c) Wieners.
(d) Automobile insurance.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where is Gigi the first time that Mavis sees her?

2. How many churches are located within the distance of one mile in Ruby?

3. What about Gigi initially shocks Mavis upon Mavis's return to the Convent?

4. Who is the nephew of the Morgan twins?

5. Who sits beside Mavis while the interview is taking place?

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