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The Convent

This location is the home to many women. It is also the scene of a violent confrontation between the women and the men from Ruby.


This small town in Oklahoma was founded by the Morgan twins and others.


This location is the town wither Mavis Albright's mother lives, and it is where Mavis goes after fleeing her husband.


This is the city where Mavis has the Cadillac repainted.


This town near Ruby has more commercial stores than Ruby.


This is the city where Seneca goes to ask Eddie's mother for money for his lawyer fees.

Langston, Oklahoma

This is where Arnette's college is located.


This country is where Connie was living when she was picked up by the nuns.

Christ the King School for Native Girls

This was located on the grounds of the Convent before funding was depleted.

Morgan Savings and Loan

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