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Dương Thu Hương
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Aunt Tam give Hang to celebrate passing her exams?
(a) Money.
(b) Desserts.
(c) Meat.
(d) All of these.

2. What does Hang's mother do in the evenings while Hang studies?
(a) Writes.
(b) Knits.
(c) Reads.
(d) Weaves.

3. On the train in Russia, Hang's traveling companion does what?
(a) Offers her breakfast.
(b) Wakes her up.
(c) Borrows her book.
(d) Steals her money.

4. What did Hang find among her aunt's possessions that made her aware of her aunt's unrealized dreams?
(a) Baby clothes.
(b) Wedding dresses.
(c) A diary.
(d) An itinerary.

5. Who is the researcher who Uncle Chinh is staying with?
(a) Phuong.
(b) Luong.
(c) Khoa.
(d) The Bohemian.

6. Hang receives a new telegram when she returns. Who is dying?
(a) Madame Dua.
(b) Uncle Chinh.
(c) Aunt Tam.
(d) Que.

7. Uncle Chinh had summoned Hang to Moscow once before to participate in what?
(a) Honoring Que.
(b) Get rick quick scheme.
(c) Smuggling imported goods.
(d) Harvest festival.

8. Mr. Duong wants Aunt Tam to teach his relative what skill?
(a) Drying tea leaves.
(b) Wrapping sticky rice.
(c) Making noodles.
(d) Silk weaving.

9. The pond is filled with what kind of duckweed?
(a) Rare.
(b) Brown.
(c) Tall.
(d) Japanese.

10. Where does Hang go after Aunt Tam's banquet for her?
(a) To university.
(b) Back to her village.
(c) To the beach with friends.
(d) On vacation.

11. Que buys a Japanese cloth with what pattern?
(a) Red and gold embroidery.
(b) Red and green plaid.
(c) Green and white polka dot.
(d) Blue and white tripes.

12. When Hang returns, her mother is doing what?
(a) Folding laundry.
(b) Cooking in the kitchen.
(c) Cleaning the bathroom.
(d) Combing her hair.

13. The visitor reminds Hang of what color of night?
(a) Green.
(b) Black.
(c) Blue.
(d) Orange.

14. Which of Chinh's guests did Hang meet at the university?
(a) Huy.
(b) The Bohemian.
(c) Phuong.
(d) Khoa.

15. Who helps Hang get her exit visa?
(a) Hang's roommate.
(b) Madame Vera.
(c) The Bohemian.
(d) Uncle Chinh.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who saw Hang off to the airport?

2. Uncle Chinh demands what of his sister?

3. This color plays an important role in Hang's childhood and is associated with what emotion?

4. What does Hang consider the "greatest human sadness?"

5. What gift does Hang buy for Madame Vera?

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