Objects & Places from Paradise of the Blind

Dương Thu Hương
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Hang's Hut

Where Hang is born and raised in the slums of Hanoi. It is old, with a leaky metal roof that Hang's mother always promises to repair the roof, but it never happens. Hang hears many different sounds from this place, including the cripple's song and the vendors singing.

Hang's Neighborhood

Where Hang grew up. It is filled with street vendors, like her mother, are out from dawn until dusk selling their food items. The overwhelming aromas manage to overpower the stench of the sewers and filth.

The Family Village

The place where Que was born takes a full day's journey to reach from Hanoi by cyclos, bus, riverboat crossing, and foot. Hang visits on a number of occasions where she gets to know Aunt Tam and learn more about her father's past. This place went through turmoil during the time of land reform where neighbor turned...

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