Daily Lessons for Teaching Paradise of the Blind

Dương Thu Hương
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Lesson 1 (from Chapter 1)


Hang receives a telegram from her sick uncle who requests her presence. Hang, although sick, not close to her uncle and not in great financial standing decides to make the journey. This lesson will discuss the concept of obligation.


1. Discuss as a class whether you would make the same choice as Hang. To what extent does culture play in determining this decision?

2. Students break into small groups and create a definition of the word "obligation." Students present their definition to the class: How is each definition similar? How is each one different? Can the students come up with a revised definition of the word that the class agrees upon?

3. The telegram Hang receives is short - only four words long. How is the brevity of the message related to the strength of the obligation? Discuss as a class whether the sense of obligation can vary...

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