Paradise of the Blind Character Descriptions

Dương Thu Hương
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A peasant whom Chinh puts jointly in charge of land reform in Que's village. He is wholly unsuited to the position. He is handsome but lazy, though he knows how to flatter the village elders. After Chinh promotes him, he becomes for a while a respected figure in the village, mouthing the revolutionary slogans that he has picked up. However, he brings no wisdom, only injustice to the position he occupies. After the Rectification of Errors he leaves the village and lives in obscurity.

The Bohemian

The nickname Hang gives to a Vietnamese student whom she meets in Moscow at the apartment of Khoa. He is handsome and charming and reminds Hang of a character called Yen Thanh in a film she saw. She also remembers that he was one of the students who used to tease her at the university. He berates Chinh regarding the corruption...

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