Paradise of the Blind Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Dương Thu Hương
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Chapter 1

• Hang receives a telegram from her uncle in Moscow.

• Hang's uncle is sick and requests that she visit him.

• Hang, who is sick herself, feels obligated to go.
• Hang reveals some of her family history.

• She was raised by her mother in a shack in Hanoi.

• Her grandparents died young; Hang's mother stayed in the village while her brother joined the anti-French resistance movement with a relative.
• Hang grew up as a fatherless child.

• She describes when she first learned about her father when she was almost ten years old.

Chapter 2

• Hang's mother describes her life growing up lonely in her father's house.

• Hang meets the handsome Ton and they are married quickly--sooner than traditional mourning periods allow.
• Chinh returns to their village, but is hostile towards Ton.

• Ton's mother and sister are denounced by the village.

• Ton's mother falls ill and dies.

• Ton escapes the village...

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