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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Lauren want to call the emergency packs?

2. For how many years does Lauren's dad live in Los Angeles?

3. Who becomes pregnant in the neighborhood?

4. What disease is running rampant in southern Mississippi and Louisiana?

5. What does Lauren plan to do for Amy?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why is there sometimes problems with the relationship between Rev. Olamina and Jay Garfield?

2. What are the "rules" of the group that Lauren shares with Grayson?

3. Why doesn't the emergency bell ring when the neighborhood is attacked?

4. Why does Lauren think the community that is burning is attacked?

5. Why does Lauren describe the Noah story as having two parts?

6. Why is it dangerous for Bankole's brother-in-law to do odd jobs for cash?

7. Why does Lauren's father stay at the university overnight?

8. What do water peddlers do?

9. What two things show how important the baptism is to the adults in the community?

10. Who are the "Paints"?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

Describe the qualities that Lauren has that make her a good leader. Using examples from the text, describe how she manages to convince people to join her group. What is it about her that seems to make people trust her or believe in her?

Essay Topic 2

Violence is presented almost neutrally in this novel. Sometimes it is very stark and cruel and other times it seems as a necessary means to an end. Describe two examples of each view of violence; as a senseless tragedy or as necessary for progress. Explain whether or not you think that the violence perpetrated by Lauren and her group is necessary.

Essay Topic 3

Explain whether or not you classify this novel as science fiction. What elements of science fiction are present?

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