Parable of the Sower Character Descriptions

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Harry Balter - This character has to split with his girlfriend when her family moves to Olivar.

Taylor Franklin Bankole - This character owns three hundred acres of land in the coastal hills of Humboldt County, California.

Dominic Douglas - This character is a six-month-old child during the trek north.

Gloria Natividad Douglas - This character once works for a rich couple, but runs away with the wife's consent.

Travis Charles Douglas - This character, who once works for a rich couple, eventually becomes very interested in the idea of Earthseed.

Amy Dunn - This character sets fire to the family garage and is accidentally killed.

Tracy Dunn - This character disappears after learning of her child's death.

Jay Garfield - This character leads the search for the protagonist's father after he disappears, and later moves to a company town.

Joanne Garfield - This character loses...

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