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Chapter 1

• The novel begins with a poem about the inevitability and omnipresence of change.

• It is the eve of Lauren Oya Olamina's 15th birthday.

• Lauren awakes from a dream where she is learning to fly, but faces many obstacles.

• In the second part of her dream, she relives a memory of speaking to her stepmother about the stars while gathering the laundry.

• Lauren's stepmother prefers to see city lights and fewer stars, which signifies progress, rather than more stars, which at least don't cost anything.

• An earthquake occurs and causes a community to appear weak and get attacked.

• Harry finds some money and Lauren advises him to get a gun with it.

• An older man named Bankole joins the group.

• The group comes upon a collapsed house with two women trapped beneath it.

• The two women, who are sisters, join the group to have protection.

• After the group...

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