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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is the man who serves as clerk on the island?
(a) Durand.
(b) Dubois.
(c) Depaul.
(d) Dega.

2. Which country has no procedure for returning escapees because no one has ever made it that far?
(a) Brazil.
(b) Venezuela.
(c) Panama.
(d) Columbia.

3. What is the name of the ship that transfers Papillon and the other escapees back to the bagne?
(a) Juno.
(b) Sol.
(c) Luna.
(d) Mana.

4. Which of the following is NOT true about Papillon's cell in the prison in #76?
(a) Crabs become a menace.
(b) Rats run rampant.
(c) It is built on a hilltop.
(d) It floods at high tide.

5. How does the man in #42 break his leg?
(a) He falls into a ditch.
(b) A guard shoots him in the leg.
(c) Jumping over the prison wall.
(d) A wagon falls on it.

6. When does the warden tell Papillon that he can escape?
(a) After the completion of the warden's term.
(b) Any time he wants.
(c) It would be better to go in the Spring.
(d) When hell freezes over.

7. What does Papillon know when he reaches prison?
(a) He will escape.
(b) He will be set free.
(c) He will cause a riot.
(d) He will die there.

8. After escaping the Indian territory, Papillon finds himself in the company of ______________.
(a) Hunters.
(b) Medicine men.
(c) Nuns.
(d) Sailors.

9. Which country is willing to let Papillon and Maturette dock and rest for awhile on their journey?
(a) Korea.
(b) Brazil.
(c) Curacao.
(d) Panama.

10. How many days are Papillon and Maturette given to leave Trinidad?
(a) 30 days.
(b) 7 days.
(c) 90 days.
(d) 18 days.

11. Why does Papillon ingest the picric acid?
(a) To treat gonorrhea.
(b) To lose weight.
(c) To get transferred to the hospital.
(d) To stop hunger pangs.

12. Papillon's new escape plan hinges on _________________.
(a) Fog.
(b) Darkness.
(c) Wind.
(d) Rain.

13. Who is the prisoner who Papillon pays to help him escape?
(a) Jean.
(b) Jesus.
(c) Johannes.
(d) Jacques.

14. How much money does Galgani have?
(a) 10,000 francs.
(b) 100,000 francs.
(c) 25,000 francs.
(d) 5,000 francs.

15. Who buys a boat for Papillon and the other escapees?
(a) Dr. Naal.
(b) Dr. Roux.
(c) Dr. Moreau.
(d) Dr. Boulanger.

Short Answer Questions

1. Papillon learns that the convoy to which prison will leave in two days?

2. What does Papillon receive from a smuggler on the anniversary of his first year in solitary?

3. The bagne is located on which river?

4. What is stuck to the bowl that the leper, Toussaint, hands to Papillon?

5. Papillon ingests picric acid to prompt what medical condition?

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