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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Papillon makes friends with a fellow prisoner who helps get Papillon _______________________.
(a) Better food.
(b) An earlier release date.
(c) Returned to the general population.
(d) Some different clothes.

2. Who is the star witness against Papillon?
(a) Pucci.
(b) Polanski.
(c) Polein.
(d) Petri.

3. What does Papillon admit to the authorities?
(a) He will kill anyone who tries to stop him from leaving.
(b) He will kill himself before being taken back to prison.
(c) He will give them all his pearls if they don't arrest him.
(d) He has escaped from Rio Hacha.

4. Who is the warden at the Royale bagne?
(a) Bourque.
(b) Barrot.
(c) Bonnet.
(d) Boutin.

5. In what do the other prisoners seem to not have any interest?
(a) Writing letters.
(b) Escaping.
(c) Making wine.
(d) Cleaning their cells.

6. Why does Papillon ingest the picric acid?
(a) To stop hunger pangs.
(b) To get transferred to the hospital.
(c) To lose weight.
(d) To treat gonorrhea.

7. What is the destination of Papillon and Maturette when they set out from Trinidad?
(a) The Bahamas.
(b) Columbia.
(c) St. Bart's.
(d) Brazil.

8. What is a plan?
(a) Menus for a week.
(b) An escape strategy.
(c) A configuration of cells.
(d) A tube of money stored in the anus.

9. What do Papillon and the man in #70 do to fend off fatigue and hunger while at sea?
(a) Sleep as much as possible.
(b) Ration the food very carefully.
(c) Chew on cocoa leaves.
(d) Daydream about their next destination.

10. Who gives Papillon and the others the directions to Ile aux Pigeons?
(a) Masked Broussard.
(b) Masked Breton.
(c) Masked Boulanger.
(d) Masked Bertrand.

11. When an escape occurs on the island, the warden is punished by losing pay and ________________.
(a) Time off.
(b) Bonuses.
(c) Benefits.
(d) Seniority.

12. Who is the inmate with whom Papillon becomes a friend?
(a) Dega.
(b) La Petit.
(c) Lafayette.
(d) Robichaud.

13. What does Papillon know when he reaches prison?
(a) He will be set free.
(b) He will die there.
(c) He will escape.
(d) He will cause a riot.

14. In what year does the story begin?
(a) 1945.
(b) 1931.
(c) 1917.
(d) 1956.

15. The bagne is located on which river?
(a) Seine River.
(b) Lyons River.
(c) Marseilles River.
(d) Maroni River.

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens to Papillon and the others when arriving at Curacao?

2. Which one of the escapees leaves a note under his pillow stating that he has moved and left no forwarding address?

3. What is the reason for gunfire in the middle of the night at the bagne?

4. Papillon learns of another escape attempt that results in several escapees eating _____________ other convicts.

5. What does Papillon show the man in #29 to indicate that Papillon is protecting Galgani?

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