Objects & Places from Papillon

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Object Descriptions

The Conciergerie - This is where Papillon is held prior to his sentencing.

Paris - Where Papillon is brought to trial here.

The Plan - This is the name given the tube carried by some prisoners (in their anuses), usually containing money to be used in the case of escape.

Guiana - The French penal colonies are located here.

Ile aux Pigeons - This is the name of the leper colony where Papillon and the others buy a boat and receive a great deal of help in their escape effort.

Trinidad - Papillon and the others land here their escape and Mr. Bowen and the authorities help them on their way.

Rio Hacha - This is where Papillon and the others are held and where he escapes with a fellow prisoner named Antonio.

The Grave of Madame Privat - Papillon hides several of the pieces of his...

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