Papillon Character Descriptions

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Henri Charriere

Also known as Papillon or Papi because a series of tattoos on his body includes that of a butterfly, he is a member of the underground and is apparently a safecracker prior to his arrest.

Matthieu Carbonieri

He is man Papillon chooses as the man to escape with him on Papillon's second try from Royale.

Romeo Salvida

He tells Papillon of his escape plans and convinces Papillon to get himself assigned to the insane asylum so that the two can go together.

Bebert Celier

He is man who betrays Papillon's second escape plan from the penal colony.


This is the friend of Papillon who agrees to help him escape from the hospital.


He is a young homosexual who agrees to help Papillon and Clousiot escape on the condition that he is also allowed to go with them.

Roland de Petit

This is the man...

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