Paperboy Short Essay - Answer Key

Vince Vawter
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1. How does Little Man say he is relating the story of the stabbing in Chapter 1? Why is he relating the story in this manner?

Little Man says, "I'm typing about the stabbing for a good reason. I can't talk." By this, the narrator means two things. First, he means he cannot speak well literally because he has a stutter and stumbles over his words. Secondly, he means that he swore secrecy to Mam not to speak about these events; by writing them, Little Man is evading disobeying Mam.

2. What information does Little Man reveal about himself, his friends, and his family in Chapter 1?

Little Man relates that he is eleven years old, suffers from a profound stutter, and has two close friends. Little Man's closest friends are Mam, his nanny/housekeeper, and Rat, a boy Little Man's age. Little Man has no siblings and lives with his parents in an affluent home in Memphis, Tennessee.

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