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Vince Vawter
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 13-16.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Little Man say Mam looks like in the photo from the zoo?
(a) A peacock.
(b) A cowgirl.
(c) An Indian.
(d) A movie star.

2. How does Little Man sign his letter of apology to Mrs. Worthington in Chapter 2?
(a) Little Man.
(b) Victor Vollmer the Third.
(c) Your Secret Admirer.
(d) Your Substitute Paperboy.

3. What does Little Man say that offends Mam and makes her upset while they are waiting for their photograph at the zoo?
(a) "Ara T should be made to pay for what he did to you."
(b) "I'm going to ask my father to fire you."
(c) "But you put everything on God."
(d) "I wish we lived in the South."

4. On what day of the week is Mam allowed free entrance to the zoo as long as she wears her uniform and enters the gate with Little Man?
(a) On Fridays.
(b) On Wednesdays.
(c) On Saturdays.
(d) On Thursdays.

5. How does Little Man go about retrieving his ball from the roof in Chapter 13?
(a) He climbs a ladder.
(b) He climbs from his window.
(c) He calls for Mam to get it.
(d) He uses a fishing pole.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where on the bus do Mam and Little Man sit when they leave to search for Ara T in Chapter 16?

2. What treat do Little Man and Mam have as they wait for their picture to be developed in Chapter 12?

3. Where does Little Man realize he left his newspaper bags in Chapter 10?

4. What does Mam tell Little Man's she's cooked for his dinner with his parents when he returns home from his route in Chapter 6?

5. What was Little Man trying to do last summer when he became stuck in a storm drain?

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