Objects & Places from Paperboy

Vince Vawter
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This name refers to the newspaper Rat and Victor deliver every afternoon.

Newspaper Bags

Victor loses these objects that Rat has given him when he leaves them outside Ara T’s hideaway.

Dollar Bill

Sections of this object are given to Victor by Mr. Spiro during Little Man's month as a paperboy.

Whiskey Glass

This object is frequently seen by Victor in Mrs. Worthington's hand.

Yellow Handled Knife

Victor gives this object to Ara T to be whetted but Ara T refuses to return it.

Ara T's Cart

This object is used by Ara T as a means of collecting trash.

Abandoned Coal Shed

This is the location of Ara T's hideaway.


Victor leaves this object out, and it is used as a means for Ara T to break into Victor's home.


This is the city where Victor lives with his family.


Victor rarely...

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