Paperboy Character Descriptions

Vince Vawter
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Victor Vollmer

This protagonist and narrator of the novel is an 11-year-old boy with a profound stutter. While his best friend is away during the summer, he takes over his newspaper route.

Miss Nellie 'Mam' Avent

This character is the housekeeper at the protagonist's home. She is also one of his closest friends.

Ara T

This character collects junk from the trash cans in the alley behind the houses in Memphis and is handy with a whetstone. He is the principle antagonist in the narrative.

Big Sack

This character comes to the protagonist's home each Saturday to mow the lawn in the summer.


This character is the protagonist's best friend. It is this character that leaves to visit his grandparents during the summer, leaving his paper route to the protagonist.

Mrs. Worthington

This customer on the protagonist's newspaper route is an alcoholic who has marital problems.

Mr. Spiro

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