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John Green (author)
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who do the three boys speak to at Margo's house?
(a) Ruthie.
(b) The housekeeper.
(c) Margo's mother.
(d) Margo's father.

2. What does Margo say causes one of her "strings" to break?
(a) Her experience with Jase.
(b) Having her sister denounce Margo in front of all the older students.
(c) Having her mother arrested for DUI.
(d) Having her father demoted.

3. What does Q plan in which he has been inspired by his time with Margo?
(a) A counteroffensive.
(b) Nothing.
(c) A late-night raid on Disneyworld.
(d) A game night for nerds.

4. In what city was Margo born?
(a) Miami.
(b) Orlando.
(c) Jacksonville.
(d) St. Petersburg.

5. What does Q think Margo has given him to help him grow?
(a) A difficult situation.
(b) Tools.
(c) A heartache.
(d) Nothing.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Margo have Q do at the first place they stop?

2. Who does Q say are his enemies?

3. How does Robert Joyner's divorce affect him?

4. What did Margo and Q do in the sixth grade that Q wants to do that night?

5. What do Margo and Q take to Karin?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Q handle the problems with the school bullies?

2. What happens when Q, Radar and Ben approach an abandoned building in their search for Margo?

3. What is the parting scene like between Margo and Q at the end of the night?

4. What are Ben and Radar's theories about Margo and how does Q feel when he hears them?

5. What transpires the first five hours of their trip?

6. What significant conversation do Ben and Q have in hour twelve?

7. What do the three boys find in Margo's room?

8. Why is Gus at the mini mall and what does he say about Margo?

9. Why does Q become frustrated with Ben the morning after the prom?

10. What does Margo ask Q when they are driving around, and where do they go?

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