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John Green (author)
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Dr. Holden tell Q?
(a) That the Dickinson poem is about suicide.
(b) That the Frost poem refers to cycles of change.
(c) That Margo is too smart to be found.
(d) That the Whitman poem is one of optimism.

2. What is the Omnicitionary?
(a) A shortened version of the Oxford dictionary.
(b) Radar's factual database.
(c) Radar's collection of school essays.
(d) Radar's version of Wikipedia.

3. What does Q realize about his idea of who Margo is?
(a) That she is not as confident as she seems.
(b) That he actually does not know her very well.
(c) That he is pretty sure he understands her.
(d) That his idea of her is probably fairly accurate.

4. What does Q find repetitive?
(a) Ben and Radar's comments about Margo.
(b) The advice the adults in his life offer.
(c) The Whitman poem.
(d) The clues Q keeps thinking he is unearthing.

5. To what does Q compare Margo?
(a) A thunderstorm.
(b) Eva Peron.
(c) The grass in a Walt Whitman poem.
(d) Emily Dickinson.

6. Where does Q go the night of the prom?
(a) Daytona Beach.
(b) Margo's home.
(c) The prom.
(d) Quail Hollow.

7. What does Q realize about himself as a mirror for Margo?
(a) He has not been a mirror at all for Margo.
(b) He has been an accurate mirror for Margo.
(c) He has no idea what kind of mirror he has been.
(d) He has not been a good mirror for Margo.

8. Why does Q go to Collier Farms?
(a) To see if he missed anything on his last visit there.
(b) To visit his grandparents.
(c) To look for a dog for Ben's birthday.
(d) In a last ditch effort to find Margo.

9. Of what does Otis Warren assure Q?
(a) That Margo is safe.
(b) That the detective has already followed all leads.
(c) That Margo will be found when she's ready.
(d) That Margo is a legal adult.

10. What does Q do at Holly Meadows?
(a) Hacks down a sapling in frustration.
(b) Lies down in an empty lot and falls asleep.
(c) Screams Margo's name throughout the area.
(d) Falls to his knees and cries.

11. What do Q's parents give him for graduation?
(a) A Bronco.
(b) A minivan.
(c) A Miata.
(d) A Subaru.

12. What does Radar say of Q's frustration with Ben and Margo?
(a) Radar offers no opinion.
(b) That Radar thinks the frustration is justified.
(c) That Q is expecting too much of them.
(d) That Q is overreacting.

13. With what does Q remain obsessed?
(a) Getting out of going to the prom.
(b) The clues.
(c) Finding a way to forget Margo.
(d) Knowing why Margo is unhappy.

14. What does Lacey ask of Q?
(a) To sit and talk with her.
(b) To get her another beer.
(c) To take her to the park.
(d) To take her to meet up with Margo.

15. Where does Q find Lacey?
(a) Fully clothed in a bathtub.
(b) On the play swing in the back yard.
(c) Lying under an oak tree.
(d) In the basement asleep on a bench.

Short Answer Questions

1. What kind of t-shirts do Ben and Q buy for Ben and Radar to wear?

2. What is spray painted on a wall when the boys break into an abandoned building?

3. What does Ben call Margo?

4. Where does Q want to visit?

5. What does Q find when searching the shelves of the store?

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