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John Green (author)
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How do the boys feel as they leave the mini-mall?
(a) Discouraged.
(b) Intrigued.
(c) Upbeat that they are on to something.
(d) Frightened and concerned.

2. What item of Margo's does Q find at the mini-mall?
(a) A nail file.
(b) A hair brush.
(c) A journal.
(d) Some nail polish.

3. Upon what are Ben and Radar concentrating?
(a) The prom.
(b) The summer field hockey tryouts.
(c) Final exams.
(d) Creating a new video game.

4. What do Ben, Q, Radar and Lacey explain to their parents?
(a) How they are going to honor Margo at graduation.
(b) Why they are going to miss graduation.
(c) Why they are going to go nude under their gowns.
(d) Why they are going to protest at graduation.

5. What is spray painted on a wall when the boys break into an abandoned building?
(a) Troll hole.
(b) Found me.
(c) Catch me.
(d) Go Home.

6. What does Q realize about himself as a mirror for Margo?
(a) He has been an accurate mirror for Margo.
(b) He has no idea what kind of mirror he has been.
(c) He has not been a good mirror for Margo.
(d) He has not been a mirror at all for Margo.

7. What does Radar think Margo is going to do?
(a) Show up in cap and gown at graduation.
(b) Kill herself at graduation.
(c) Show up in the audience for graduation.
(d) Never contact them again.

8. Why does Q go to Collier Farms?
(a) To visit his grandparents.
(b) In a last ditch effort to find Margo.
(c) To see if he missed anything on his last visit there.
(d) To look for a dog for Ben's birthday.

9. What do Gus and his friends do for fun?
(a) Tear down old buildings.
(b) Fish.
(c) Watch people.
(d) Urban exploring.

10. What is the Omnicitionary?
(a) Radar's version of Wikipedia.
(b) Radar's factual database.
(c) A shortened version of the Oxford dictionary.
(d) Radar's collection of school essays.

11. How does Radar help Q?
(a) Plotting ways to pick up extra cash for a trip.
(b) Cleaning out the basement which Q has to do before he can be free that day.
(c) Plotting cities where Margo may be.
(d) Finding the various cities that support homeless kids the best.

12. Where does Q want to visit?
(a) A library display on Walt Whitman.
(b) The movie theater where he had his only date with Margo when they were nine.
(c) The last two pseudovisions.
(d) The park where he and Margo played in as children.

13. What do the boys agree to do on graduation?
(a) Mention Margo's name when they cross the stage.
(b) Call in a bomb threat.
(c) Graduate naked under their gowns.
(d) Not go to graduation.

14. Where do the words lead?
(a) A gun shop.
(b) A souvenir store.
(c) A door to the back alley.
(d) An old music store.

15. Where does Q go the night of the prom?
(a) Quail Hollow.
(b) Margo's home.
(c) Daytona Beach.
(d) The prom.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Dr. Holden tell Q?

2. What kind of t-shirts do Ben and Q buy for Ben and Radar to wear?

3. What makes Q think Margo is planning a road trip?

4. What does Q think an abandoned subdivision is in the scheme of the clues he has gathered?

5. Where do all the plausible itineraries for Margo's travel end?

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