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John Green (author)
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What has Margo just found out about Jase?
(a) He's been cheating on her.
(b) He's younger than he said.
(c) He's older than he said.
(d) He's half Cuban.

2. Whose niece is mentioned in a note Q finds in Margo's room?
(a) Robert Frost.
(b) Walt Whitman.
(c) Joan Baez.
(d) Bob Dylan.

3. For how long has Margo been gone when Q gets home to find some adults waiting for him?
(a) 48 hours.
(b) 5 days.
(c) 72 hours.
(d) 24 hours.

4. What does Otis say about many girls like Margo?
(a) They are just too spirited to conform.
(b) They are usually good, but make poor choices.
(c) They need attention.
(d) Their parents cause them to run away.

5. Why do Margo and Q have to swim a nasty canal?
(a) To get under the Universal Studios.
(b) To escape the cops.
(c) To break into Sea World.
(d) To escape Chuck Parson and three of his buddies.

6. Where do the clues Margo leaves lead?
(a) To the land fill.
(b) Nowhere.
(c) To a back yard dog fight.
(d) To a junkyard.

7. Who is Lacey?
(a) Margo's best friend.
(b) Q's sister.
(c) Jase's sister.
(d) Margo's sister.

8. What does Margo have Q do at the first place they stop?
(a) Buy a weird list of supplies.
(b) Get some extra plastic bags.
(c) Get a quart of ice cream.
(d) Buy a lottery ticket.

9. Why is Q so tired?
(a) He had nightmares all night.
(b) He worked all day in the yard.
(c) He only got thirty minutes of sleep.
(d) He decided to get fit and ran six miles.

10. What does Q stand for?
(a) Quentin.
(b) Question.
(c) Quest.
(d) Query.

11. Why does Q wonder if Margo has gone off on another adventure?
(a) She is not answering her cell phone.
(b) Her car is nowhere to be found.
(c) She signs out of school sick.
(d) She doesn't get to school until sixth period.

12. Who does Margo have to bribe?
(a) A security guard at Universal Studios.
(b) The guard at Sea World.
(c) A police officer.
(d) Chuck and his friends.

13. Why does Q let Margo talk most of the time?
(a) She is unlike anyone he has ever met.
(b) She won't let him get a word in edgewise.
(c) She is smart.
(d) She knows everybody.

14. What does Margo say is extremely small?
(a) Jase's penis.
(b) The dead man's bullet wound.
(c) The number of kids going to the prom.
(d) The horsepower of the Lexus.

15. Who is Lacey Pemberton?
(a) Margo's nemesis since they were five.
(b) Margo's ex-friend.
(c) A girl who Q finds enticing.
(d) A girl who does not know Margo but has always admired Margo.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Q find ridiculous about Becca?

2. What do Q and Margo do at Chuck's house?

3. What embarrasses Radar?

4. To whom does Q want to first say something about what he and Margo find?

5. Where do girls who are cut loose typically end up according to Otis?

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