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John Green (author)
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Ben suggest about the poem lines about a door?
(a) It is metaphorical.
(b) It is a door into the past.
(c) There is no door.
(d) It is to be taken literally.

2. What does Q think Margo has given him to help him grow?
(a) A difficult situation.
(b) Nothing.
(c) A heartache.
(d) Tools.

3. What do Chuck and his friends do?
(a) Spray paint Margo's name all over school.
(b) Destroy twelve bikes.
(c) Pull the fire alarm.
(d) Call in a bomb threat.

4. What is Part XI of Margo's plan?
(a) Releasing all the animal experiments at UCF.
(b) Occupying a theater.
(c) Breaking into Sea World.
(d) Breaking into Universal Studios.

5. What does Q tell his mother he does not want to do when he is in high school?
(a) Go to the prom.
(b) Take gym class.
(c) Ever marry.
(d) Take calculus.

6. Where does Margo spray paint an "M"?
(a) On the grass in the park.
(b) On the water tower.
(c) No where.
(d) On Becca's wall.

7. Where do girls who are cut loose typically end up according to Otis?
(a) If they are bright like Margo, they become successful.
(b) Working in a place such as a diner.
(c) There is no way to generalize where they end up.
(d) As prostitutes.

8. Who does Q say are his enemies?
(a) He has no real enemies.
(b) A girl who always turns up her nose when he walks by her.
(c) Several of the jocks and two of the biker guys.
(d) Just about the entire student body.

9. With what does Jasper Hanson spray some kids?
(a) Blue dye.
(b) Pink dye.
(c) Sugar water.
(d) Urine.

10. What do Q and Margo do at Chuck's house?
(a) Remove one of his eyebrows.
(b) Steal his football trophy.
(c) Tie his sheets short.
(d) Spray his face black.

11. What happened when Ben Starling has a kidney infection?
(a) He becomes a hypochondriac.
(b) He stays in the hospital for two weeks.
(c) He stays home from school for a month.
(d) He urinates blood.

12. What is Resurrection?
(a) A book Q has to read for English class.
(b) A collection of poems Margo wrote.
(c) A play that school drama class puts on.
(d) Q's favorite computer game.

13. Where is one of the places Q and Margo stop?
(a) Whole Foods.
(b) WinnDixie.
(c) Publix.
(d) Dollar General.

14. What are there an abundance of in Margo's room?
(a) Pictures of Q in his bedroom.
(b) Vinyl records.
(c) Bird feathers.
(d) Journals.

15. What does Q do when Margo is bit by a snake?
(a) Calls his mother.
(b) Calls her parents.
(c) Calls 911.
(d) Try to suck out the venom.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Lacey think Margo went?

2. What does Margo say causes one of her "strings" to break?

3. What does everyone get to experience in his/her life?

4. Whose niece is mentioned in a note Q finds in Margo's room?

5. Who is Lacey?

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