Objects & Places from Paper Towns

John Green (author)
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Paper Town

This is a fake town on a map that cartographers once placed on maps as copyright traps to locate plagiarists.


Imagery taken from Walt Whitman's Song of Myself, which represents a number of things.

Margo's Black Notebook

This is the notebook that remains a mystery throughout much of the book.

Orlando, Florida

This is the hometown for the book's main characters.

Jefferson High

This is Q and Margo's high school.

Quentin's Window

This is the place where Q viewed Margo for years and the portal through which she enters his life again.


This is Ben's car.

Senior Prom

This is one of the emotional focal points of the book, which Q avoids but which involve Ben, Radar, and Lacey to a great degree.

The Dreidel

This is the name of Q's van.

Agloe, New York

This is the paper town where Margo is staying...

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