Paper Towns Character Descriptions

John Green (author)
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Quentin Jacobsen - He is the main character of Paper Towns and the narrator who tells the story from his own perspective.

Margo Roth Spiegelman - She is Q's childhood friend and the object of his undying adoration.

Ben Starling - He is Q's close friend and a band geek. He is silly, ridiculous, and often self-absorbed.

Radar (Marcus) - He is Q's other best friend, a brilliant computer programmer and solid, reliable friend.

Lacey - She is Margo's ex best friend and one of the most beautiful girls in school.

Robert Joyner - He is the lawyer who committed suicide and whose body Margo and Q found when they were children.

Angela - She is Radar's girlfriend and sometimes part of Q's search team.

Jase Worthington - He is Margo's boyfriend who cheats on her and who Q blackmails into controlling his bully friends.

Becca Arrington...

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