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John Green (author)
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Prologue, Part One: The Strings, Chapters 1-2

• In the prologue, the narrator, Quentin Jacobsen, says that his one miracle in his life is knowing Margo Spiegelman. They are neighbors.

• One of Q's last memories of Margo is when they find a dead body in a park when they are nine. Q wants to tell the police.

• Margo wants to investigate herself. She loves mysteries. The body is a lawyer who committed suicide.

• In Part One, Q is a senior in high school. He tells his mother he does not want to go to the prom. He is not sure he can get a date.

• He talks about his two best friends, Ben Starling and Marcus, called "Radar".

• Radar, a black boy, who was named after the MASH character has a girlfriend named Angela he can take the prom.

• Ben has a difficult time getting a date because he...

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