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Kerry Young
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Short Answer Questions

1. When does Edward Seaga become prime minister?

2. Now that Fay is back living at her parents', what song does Miss Cicely play on the piano all the time?

3. In Chapter 38, where does Pao tell Gloria he wants to move?

4. Where do Pao and Margy set up a company in Jamaica?

5. How old are Xuiquan and Mui when their grandfather Wong dies?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why are Jamaicans not in charge of their own destiny in 1980?

2. What does Miss Cecily propose be done with the grocery business after Henry Wong dies?

3. Why does Mrs. Samuels come to see Pao?

4. Why did Mutt and Jeff, the two troublesome police constables, get kicked off the force?

5. What reason does Pao give for wanting to know how the children spent their time at Lady Musgrave Rd.?

6. How is Zhang's body prepared for burial?

7. What does Father Michael tell Pao about becoming John Morrisson's godfather?

8. How did Fay manage to kidnap the children?

9. What was it like when the children were at Lady Musgrave Rd.?

10. In the 1970s, what are some ways that people try to smuggle money out of Jamaica?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

In Chapter 5, Pao and his friends get into business with an American sergeant. Discuss the business and what Pao's family thought of his business.

Essay Topic 2

In Chapter 22, Fay and her mother are constantly arguing. Discuss Fay's relationship with her mother.

Essay Topic 3

In Chapter 42, Pao looks back over his life. Dscuss Pao's reflections as he considers how he has lived and whether he is satisfied with his life.

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