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Kerry Young
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where was Henry Wong's funeral held?
(a) Saint Patrick's.
(b) Holy Cross.
(c) Our Lady of the Angels.
(d) Holy Trinity Cathedral.

2. When is the second State of Emergency since the Independence called?
(a) May 12, 1974.
(b) June 19, 1976.
(c) April 15, 1975.
(d) July 29, 1977.

3. Where did Helen Meacham study law?
(a) Oxford.
(b) Princeton.
(c) Harvard.
(d) Yale.

4. What spice does Pao think the sorrel needs that he and Daphne drink?
(a) Cloves.
(b) Ginger.
(c) Cinnamon.
(d) Thyme.

5. Who made it possible for Xiuquan to talk to his mother on the phone before the kidnapping?
(a) Father Michael.
(b) Cecily.
(c) Daphne.
(d) Gloria.

Short Answer Questions

1. How long does Morrison stay away from Jamaica?

2. What time of day does it frequently rain in Jamaica?

3. Where does DeFreitas operate out of?

4. What rank did Charles Meacham attain before he retired?

5. How did Samuels die?

Short Essay Questions

1. In the 1970s, what are some ways that people try to smuggle money out of Jamaica?

2. Why doesn't Fitzgerald have any guests at his hotel?

3. How is Zhang's body prepared for burial?

4. What one good thing comes from Fay leaving Pao?

5. Who does Miss Cecily blame when Kenneth dies?

6. Why does Pao decide to quit calling his son Xiuquan?

7. Why does Father Michael believe he is an accomplice in the kidnapping of the children?

8. Under what conditions does Pao get permission to write his children?

9. Why are Jamaicans not in charge of their own destiny in 1980?

10. What terms does Manley have to meet when he goes to the International Monetary Fund for help?

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