Pao Short Essay - Answer Key

Kerry Young
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1. What did Gloria ask Pao to do at the beginning of Chapter 1?

Gloria asked Pao to go see her sister in the hospital. Her sister had been beaten badly, and Gloria wanted Pao to check on her.

2. What does Gloria cook Pao when he comes to dinner for the first time at her house?

Gloria cooks dinner herself. She prepares stewed chicken, rice and peas with coleslaw, and cho-cho.

3. What were some of the subjects that Gloria and her friends talked about when Pao first came to dinner?

The girls talked about ordinary topics. They discussed everything from the price of rice to politics.

4. How does Pao rationalize his daily visits to Gloria's house?

To rationalize his visits, he begins taking something with him like a hat or a newspaper. Then he leaves the object behind so that he has to go back and get it.

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