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Kerry Young
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Object Descriptions

China - A revolution was held here that caused a family to emigrate to an island country.

Jamaica - This is a country that had a long history of socio-political oppression at the hands of mostly British European immigrants.

Kingston - This is a racially and economically divided capital of a country.

Cultural Revolution - This is an event where the workers seized power and control of a country from economic and cultural oppressors.

Organized Crime / The Mafia - This is a business that oversees, controls, and participates in activities like drugs, prostitution, extortion, and money laundering.

The House in Matthews Lane - This is a place that was a multi-generational, multi-family dwelling.

The House on Lady Musgrave Road - This is a dwelling in a wealthy part of town.

Ocho Rios - This is a resort area.

The House at Ocho Rios - This is where...

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